3 reasons why you’ll enjoy watching this creepy Quaker dude video

UPenn and Quaker and The Penn Fund

You’ll want to check this out…

Recently the undergrads made a pretty funny and professional looking quick video for The Penn Fund.

After the jump, watch the 35 second video …and for you alumni who haven’t been back to campus in some time, find out why I think you’ll enjoy this video.

In the video above, I think you’ll enjoy seeing the following:

1) Allegros (pizza place) with a new brighter awning.  Nice to see the place is still there, looking spruced up.  Wish I could say the same for Billy Bobs or Murphs.

2) Everyone’s favorite creepy quaker dude.

3) In the first 7 seconds, behind the guy with the Penn sweatshirt, you’ll notice a new building where the old AEPi used to be. (Remember, THIS was the reason it was knocked down to begin with)

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