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22 dazzling photos of Locust Walk

Credit: The Wharton School You’ve walked the walk a million times, but have you actually ever stopped to reflect upon how our favorite throughway looks throughout the year? From your first pre-frosh moment on campus, to your first moment as an undergrad campus, to your last undergrad moment, to your class marching down the walk […]

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Who knew? Trolley tracks under Locust Walk!

Credit: ChristophrHiestr As you know, there’s always lots of construction going on at Penn. Here’s a real gem for you. You’ve walked on it a million times and most probably even tripped on one of its crooked bricks, but did you know what Locust Walk was built on top of? Recently, Locust Walk has been torn apart […]

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Blast from the Past (1995): A Locust Walk Pig Roast, Spring Fling and the LIDDS (VIDEO)

Recently, musician Jay Matsueda (W’95) sent me a video of a bunch of random footage taken during various public entertainment events on and near PENN campus in the 1994/1995 timeframe. The video includes: music by The LIDDS, Jay Matsueda (W’95), Pete Lee (C’95) and a band at a block party jeans wearing dancers at the Quad during Spring […]

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7 Things You Should Know About Walking On Locust Walk

Recently a tweet from Clarissa Palmer (C’14), a new Penn freshman, caught my eye about the DO’s and DON’Ts of walking Locust Walk. I thought all the Penn generations of my readers would appreciate this: “Every single day, hundreds of people walk on Locust Walk (main pedestrian walkway at UPenn) to get to the library, […]

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Penn’s Snowcovered Locust Walk

Winter Snowfall Originally uploaded by The Wharton School. Hey alumni, remember walking down Locust Walk in these horrible weather conditions? For those of you on campus at the time, nothing was as bad as the winter of 1996! More PENN campus winter photos and videos HERE Share

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They Brought a Popular Video Game to Life On Locust Walk! (MUST-SEE VIDEO)

Of all the crazy things those wacky undergrads do on Locust Walk, this one takes the cake.  …And whatever grocery items these guys are able to fit into their cart. For my Games and Movies series, check out another video gem I’ve been holding onto for quite some time. It’s the video game “Mario Kart […]

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