Aaron Karo (W’01) celebrates 10 years of ruminations

Aaron Karo at Pennfest 2006

Stand-up Aaron Karo (W’01) has something to celebrate.

When Aaron was a freshman at Penn in 1997, he sent a funny email to twenty buddies from high school. That email spawned a regular email column entitled “Ruminations,” which soon attracted readers nationwide. Simon & Schuster published compilations of the column in two bestselling books, “Ruminations on College Life” and “Ruminations on Twentysomething Life.”

This month marks the official ten year anniversary of his book Ruminations.

Sample these 3 “ruminations” from Aaron’s “best of” collection:

-“I’ve found that when I’m on the treadmill I tend to slyly glance at the person next to me to see how fast they’re running. Like we’re in some sort of crazy race that goes nowhere.

-“My college girlfriend recently got engaged to my fraternity brother, who she dated immediately after me. Like I always say, if you’re gonna lose in the playoffs, might as well be to the team that wins the championship. “

-“I think that people’s reaction when I tell them that I don’t drink coffee is equivalent to my reaction when people tell me that they don’t drink alcohol. “

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