Alumni & Undergrad Advice to Prospects: Why We Chose Penn

One of my reasons above

After I posted my Now and Then Thursdays: Accepted at Penn article, I got the following email from high school senior Carissa Clark:

“Hi again – so I was just watching the video you posted and saw underneath that you were accepted into both Cornell and Penn. I have the same dilemma. I’m almost positive I will be attending Penn. What were some of the things that shaped your decision?”

So what shaped my decision?

UPennClick here to find out what shaped my decision and the decisions of a ton of our undergrads & alumni!
(be sure to add your story as well!)

If you do decide to go, check out these videos of all the places you can live on campus! (but you want to try to live here your freshman year!)

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One thought on “Alumni & Undergrad Advice to Prospects: Why We Chose Penn

  1. AvatarRob Levin

    I know why I want to go to Penn, the social scene is bitching. That area of Philadelphia is like the greatest place ever. Philadelphia is the greatest place ever (R5 Represent). It’s the best part of the best place ever. And Wharton. The campus is amazing. I am convinced there is no better place to see a college bball game then the Palestra and a college football game then Franklin Field. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been hearing about how the Eagles won their last NFL championship at Franklin Field over the Chicago Bears. All the people I know who goes there says its the social Ivy where every one is brilliant, but still have fun.

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