An Actor’s Path: His New Headshots and His New Name (VIDEO)

Los Angeles ActorLast month, we started our “An Actor’s Path” vlog series with Penn alum Alex Weber (C’09, Lacrosse).

One month in and he’s already playing around with changing his name.

In his first vlog he talked about how acting classes and networking are key to pursuing an acting career in LA.

This month, he talks about:

  • what new medium he’s acting in now
  • his ongoing classes
  • what he’s doing for money
  • new workshops he’s taking
  • his decision to get new headshots and why he’s changing his name (not a strange thing…afterall, she changed her last name from “Mitchell” because of THIS actress)
  • which LA networks are important to be a part of

Alex/Bryant’s addendum to this vlog HERE +/-

Which casting director workshops/classes have you been attending? 
A casting director by the name of Jeffery Passero is the director of my play and it has been beneficial building a relationship with him. He has cast for several films, and plans to continue in the future. Sports Studios is a production company geared at athletics in films. Being an actor and former Division 1 athlete, this type of production is a great fit for me. I have been consistently in an on-camera class geared towards audition technique. It has been invaluable in terms of learning appropriate strategy to succeed on auditions.

Why did you get new headshots?
Having new headshots done was necessary due to the caliber of the competition’s. It was originally suggested by an agent as well as my acting teacher. I agreed in that I wanted a photo that more accurately represented what I look like in person. (his old headshot HERE)

Why did you change your name?
The name change is a work in progress. It will either be Alex Bryant Weber or Bryant Weber.  The motivation stems from the fact that most young actors tend to have unique names.

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