Aw… Penn admissions removes “Page 217” essay from application

Penn has ended a long standing (application) tradition.

After several decades, Penn has now eliminated its unique admissions essay question from its application: “write page 217 of your 300 page autobiography”.

Say it ain’t so!

…Good thing President Amy Gutmann was still able to submit page 217 of her own 300 page autobiography to the Wall Street Journal last year!

Read more about the reasons behind why Penn is doing this HERE

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3 thoughts on “Aw… Penn admissions removes “Page 217” essay from application

  1. AvatarScott

    Nuts. That essay was basically the reason I got in, and I have this on good authority from Frank Pincus himself. Pity. It’s individual quirks like that that add a bit of a human touch to an otherwise humdrum, grinding process.

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