Hollywood Exec’s New Mission: “Kenya Spare a Camera”

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailWhat happens when one Hollywood Exec has a spiritual awakening and decides to make a life change? Ask Norman …

DT’s B&P: 6 Reasons Why ABC Is Really Loving On Penn Alumni This Week

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailThis week the “The Mouse House” (ABC/Disney) is all about the red and the blue. From news pertaining to …

The Remaining 21 Videos of Advice From our Hollywood Penn Panel

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail (l to r): Lew Schneider (C’83), event producer Reg Tigerman (C’07), Zach Lutsky (C’97), Sherri …

Why You’ll Love How This MBA Used Facebook In His Job Search

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail Where most people are sending out traditional resumes to companies, Eric Barker (C’94) used Facebook in the …

Hanging Out with Todd Lieberman at His Very Engaging Hollywood Premiere of The Proposal

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail This past Monday, I attended the Hollywood premiere of Producer and good friend Todd Lieberman’s (C’95, …

Follow Real Athletes’ Tweets with This Penn Alum’s New Website

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail Hey sportsfans out there!  Don’t really understand what Twitter  is, don’t want to join Twitter, …

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"Because of Penntertainment, I got scouted for Nickelodeon. I had such a great time talking with them. I may be a resource for a show on science, travel, geography, gender etc. Thanks for all you do. It really makes a difference."
-Lisa Niver C’89

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