Two Mask and Wig Alumni Film Producers With A Bunch of New Hollywood Movies

This week here are some tidbits of some upcoming films from some Mask and Wig alumni film producers: Norm Golightly (C’94, Mask and Wig) will be …

Her Brothers and Sisters “Meshugana” Episodes: Based On Her Own Life!

Last week, I posted a video about a Penn alum asking our Penn in Pictures panel about their advice about writing successful spec scripts. Today’s …

This TV Writer Did WHAT(!) to Fund her Feature Film!? (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, I posted video of TV writer (and Penn in Pictures’) host Lew Schneider (C’83) and “ER” Medical consultant, Zach …

He’s Producing a Reality Show About a Reality TV School!

Get this… So there’s a “New York Reality TV School” founded by Robert Galinsky to help people actually get ONTO their favorite reality …

DT Hollywood Bits and Pieces

Lots of Penn Hollywood news happening recently in the movies, on TV, in music and on magazine covers…Click here for this week’s scoopage. Jon …

DT Hollywood Bits and Pieces

Lots of Penn Hollywood news happening recently… This past week, Dreamworks Exec Stacey Snider (C’82) was defending her studio’s film Tropic …

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