From Realtor Reality Stars to Authors: Penn alum sisters have “Hot Property”

(l to r: ) Michele, Sabrina and

Penn producer and hubby director sign Duncan Sheik to movie

Jody and her husband Marc Several years ago, I did a story about film producer Jody Girgenti (C’98) and how her film (you may have heard of) was hitting …

She’ll teach you how to unleash your inner skank. Reality show potential?

Here’s a a feminist platform you can get behind. Actress Ashley Wren Collins (C’98, Bloomers, Penn Players) has created “Mother Eve’s …

These Penn alumni sisters are “Selling New York”

(l to r:) Sabrina and Samantha Move over Donald, Ivanka and Don Jr., there is another New York Penn family of realtors on TV starting tonight. More about two …

These 3 Penn Alumni Have New TV Shows Coming to ABC and NBC

Last week the major networks had their upfronts and announced their official 2010-2011 television schedules. Consequentially, there are 3 very happy Penn …

NBC is Giving This Penn Alum “Friends with Benefits”…and How You Can Get A Studio To Produce Your TV Pilot

For all those aspiring Penn TV writers, here’s some advice for you, if you write a hit film, studios are more receptive to giving you your own TV pilot. …

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