The touching reason why she’s not afraid of ghosts

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+emailI’ve covered singer-songwriter Jill Goldberg (C’04, Dischord A Cappella, Penn Choir, Wind …

More Penn alumni who love singing Adele songs

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+emailAs you’ve seen on DT, I’ve covered lots of alumni who like singing covers of songs. A particular …

11 Penn alumni performances you need to check out

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+emailLast week Los Angeles Penn alumni gathered in Hollywood to celebrate some great emerging Penn talent. The …

If you’re in LA, you need to come to this popular Penn event on Wednesday (9/21)!

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+emailIf you live in LA, you need to be at this Wednesday’s big Penn event where alumni will be performing at …

Penn alum puts new spin on Britney Spears song

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+email Jill Goldberg (C’04, Dischord A Cappella, Penn Choir, Wind Ensemble) covered a Lady Gaga song before …

Birthing Blondes: Ivanka pops, Liz is “expecting”

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+emailAfter the jump, get some baby news from some of our more public Penn alumni! 1) Yesterday, Ivanka Trump …

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-Lisa Niver Rajna C’89

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