Hold onto your socks!: His American Reunion Red Band Trailer

Share Not only does his high-larious next Harold and Kumar movie debut in a couple of months, but we’re now just getting a first glimpse of …

How this Penn alum turned his short film into a feature film in 17 steps

Share In years past, Ryan Levin (C’98, Without a Net, Theater Arts, Penn Players) and his writing partner Nye Warburton (C ’97, Without a Net) had …

Have your films seen by TV Industry Professionals and win $$$

Share In years past, I’ve talked about the best entertainment internship you can get while you’re an undergrad. From the same people who bring you …

Are Organic Foods Really Better For Us? The Answer May Surprise You… (VIDEOS)

Share If a piece of food is labeled “organic”, how much do you trust that it is good for you? One Penn filmmaker explores this and his findings may …

4 Hours of Filming + 20 Hours of Editing = One Great 5 Minute Short (VIDEO)

Share   Here’s a story of an undergrad who based his film on another undergrad’s succesful film. And both are great! “The Rainbow” …

In His Absurd Film, The Stakes Are High, And So Are The Girls! (VIDEO)

Share Earlier today I posted Amin Osman’s (C’09) dark and disturbing film called “Table For Three“. The last of Amin’s films I …

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"Because of Penntertainment, I got scouted for Nickelodeon. I had such a great time talking with them. I may be a resource for a show on science, travel, geography, gender etc. Thanks for all you do. It really makes a difference."
-Lisa Niver Rajna C’89

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