Seth Meyers Loves His Bloomers

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+email In honor of his final show on Saturday Night Live, Seth Meyers’ cast mates and co-writers made a video …

Breaking Bad’s Alternative Ending, Yo.

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+emailSome of you might know Jonah Platt (C ’08, Off the Beat, Friars) as that tall stud with the beautiful …

Not Tonightie: a revolutionary nightgown you’ll want to check out

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+email Over the past few years on DT, David Chalfin (C’96) has produced some great DT videos including THIS …

Hold onto your socks!: His American Reunion Red Band Trailer

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+email Not only does his high-larious next Harold and Kumar movie debut in a couple of months, but we’re now …

Saved By the Bell meets Final Destination: His Brilliant Viral Hit

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+email Over the years I’ve featured brilliant, high quality viral hits from producer Jake Avnet (C’05, …

She’ll teach you how to unleash your inner skank. Reality show potential?

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+email Here’s a a feminist platform you can get behind. Actress Ashley Wren Collins (C’98, Bloomers, …

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-Lisa Niver Rajna C’89

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