Class of 2011 Candidates use the web to promote themselves

10 years ago student elections meant canvasing the walk and the kiosks with flyers. To be honest, I voted but didn’t always really know whom I was voting for.

Times have changed.

Today, I’m seeing most of the 64 freshmen candidates create Facebook groups and flyers for their campaigns…loaded with photos, qualification and promises. Promises ranging from “stronger water pressure for the shower heads in the quad” to bringing “quality toilet paper to a bathroom near you” to “massueses and free snacks in Houston Hall”! In the microcosm of Penn, these are some of the issues that I’m guessing may resonate with freshmen.. Regardless they all have one thing in common… spirit!

Some marketing tactics I’ve been noticing for the big 9/24 campus wide vote include “a fact a day” email from one candidate to this forward thinking way of reaching out to students from Jeff Kaplan (C’11).
Click here to watch Jeff Kaplan’s campaign video.

Something tells me that there may be more videos to come…


Class of 2011 Candidates, I invite you to post your videos on


Jeff isn’t the only one in student government using video to reach out to the student masses. It seems like videos are also being used by UA chair Jason Karsh (C’08).

Check out Jason’s fun spirited video (which also shows off the campus)

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