Decades of this annoying Van Pelt practice caught on camera!

Over the past two years, I’ve introduced 3 exclusive DT Vlog series from Penn alumni including “An Actor’s Path“, “Starter Reality Star“, and “Real Jobs are Not my Forte“.

Today I’m introducing my first series from a talented and ambitious undergrad filmmaker who is certainly going places.

UPenn and Kelly on CampusDT readers, meet sophomore Kelly Diamond (C’13), a Philly native who is currently the Creator, Executive Producer, and Head Writer for a new comedic sitcom about Penn students called “Classless”.  She’s already spent time in LA in some really great internships with professional screenwriters Mark Rizzo (C’92) and David Milch.  She was also an intern at The Writers Junction in Santa Monica.

Kelly on Campus“, Kelly’s new DT series, will provide us with some fun “15 second clips” of events and experiences around Penn’s campus.  Kelly will act as a campus liaison by keeping everyone updated on campus events, as well as introducing alums to current students who work in the entertainment industry.

After the jump, check out Kelly’s first clip which is something decades of Penn folks have experienced that will bring you right back to your undergrad days!

Van Pelt’s Bag check. After zipping up all your belongings into your bag, the last thing you want to do is open it once again to show that no, you haven’t stolen anything and no, you never intended to. Why does the Van Pelt bag check exist? The world may never know.”

Check back soon for lots more “Kelly on Campus” clips!  I’ve previewed a bunch and you’re going to love them!



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