First Lady Michelle Obama will surely approve of this Emmy winning producer’s “Moving” new video project (VIDEO)

UPenn and Emmy and ObamaA couple of weeks ago on June 2nd, aka National Running Day, New York Road Runners released a sneak peek of one Penn alum’s most ambitious project to date.

More about this project after the jump.

Emmy award-winning Eric Weil (C’97, UTV-13 News, The Practical Penn (Restaurant Reviews)) produced a trailer for A RUNNING START, a free online video resource designed to empower youth running coaches, energize kids and provide an innovative solution to our childhood obesity epidemic.  Starting this fall, Eric and his company will be releasing over 80 video segments as part of this new curriculum.

Per Eric,

“At a time when First Lady Michelle Obama and her LET’S MOVE! initiative are rousing the nation to help kids live healthier and become more physically active, I’m thrilled to see New York Road Runners, already a youth programs trailblazer serving 100,000 kids per week, launching promotion for A RUNNING START. …There will be another, I’m told bigger, push at the beginning of the school year as A RUNNING START launches”

What was Eric’s journey like producing this project?

“This project has been 2+ years in the making. My company, EVW Communications, worked with New York Road Runners not only to produce the videos but also to develop three developmentally appropriate curriculums of activities and games for high school, middle school and elementary school runners, respectively.

Many of us remember all too well how coaches back in the day used running as a necessary evil to overcome before we could play the “fun” sports or, even worse, as a punishment for “screwing around,” etc. In many ways it’s a new day, and part of A RUNNING START’s function is to highlight the more appealing side of running and the role it can play in a lifetime of fun and fulfilling physical activity.

We were determined to create a comprehensive library of videos that were more informative, more accessible, more versatile and certainly more engaging than any training videos we’d seen. There will be over 80 videos available upon launch later this summer and they’ll be available 24-7 online.”

Eric’s website HERE

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