Freshman Feature: Drew Coblitz (C’11) has the need for speed

In honor of the incoming C’11 freshmen moving onto campus this week, I decided to do some stories this week featuring some notable undergrads…

First up… At the age of 18, Drew Coblitz (C’11), the racecar driver of a 2001 Porsche 996TT w/465 hp, is one of the youngest in the Porsche Club of America (PCA). His first clubrace for the PCA is in October at Summit Point, West Virginia. Per Drew it will be “both an enduro (1.5 hr race where pacing is the key) and a sprint race (30 minutes where its balls to the wall for the whole time).”

Drew may be the youngest in the clubrace program (not verified…but he thinks the youngest after him is around 20). While he’s sponsored by various vendors, he’s currently working on a big sponsorship in which he will be given a car to drive from the sponsor.

Although he’s a freshman, from the looks of his schedule, with an occasional “skipped” class now and then, he plans on continuing to race.

Click to find out how Drew got his start in the world of racing

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Stay tuned this week for some upcoming stories relating to some noteworthy undergrads…

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