He’s the “Scarface of Pot” on ABC’s FlashForward (VIDEO)

Did you catch Adam Tsekhman (W’02, Teatron) on last Thursday night’s hot new ABC show “FlashForward”?

In the clip above he played “Vlad Petrov”, a drug dealing Russian thug. (and this isn’t the first time a Penn alum played a Russian thug on an ABC show!)

This is getting funny. There definitely seems to be an affinity for Penn alumni on the ABC network!

After the jump below, check out:

  • how Adam got his start as an actor at Penn
  • a series regular role he had
  • what film he just finished shooting!
  • Adam’s reel (find out which soap he was featured on!)

How did Adam get started in the world of acting?  Per Adam,

“At Penn, I got started in acting in Teatron, a Jewish theatre group that was created for Orthodox Jews to perform in plays. No rehearsals or performances on the Sabbath. I started in a show called Fools by Neil Simon. I was the only male who would kiss the female lead. The others were orthodox Jews and they could not do it. So, they gave him the lead role!

I went to Columbia U. for an MFA in Theatre Acting. 2003-2006. In my final year of school, I booked a series regular role on a Russian TV Series called “Zona”. It was the number 1 show in Russia and eventually got me nominated for best actor in a TV series at the Monte Carlo TV festival. I lost the award to Kiefer Sutherland for “24”. After Columbia, I moved to LA to further pursue acting.

Just finished shooting a Lifetime TV Movie in Hawaii called “Deadly Honeymoon” starring Summer Glau (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”), Chris Carmack (“Drop Dead Diva”, “The OC”, “Into the Deep”) and Zoe McLellan (“Dirty Sexy Money”)….played a supporting lead in the film named Ben who is  a Hungarian tourist on vacation on the cruise ship where the movie takes place who gets intertwined in all the action.”

Check out Adam’s Reel below:

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