His Complete Gourmet Recipe Updates in a Tweet

Craig BorethIt seems like a guy who wrote a book about fatherhood should also know a thing or two about how to cook.

Craig Boreth (C‘91), author of How to Feel Manly in a Minivan: The Desperate Dad’s Survival Guide has a new project he’s wants you to follow.

That is, to follow on Twitter.

Check out Craig’s “Recipitos: A Complete Gourmet Recipe In A Tweet” where you’ll find some of Craig’s favorites including:

  • OLIVE OIL GELATO: Whip 4 yolks & 1/2c sugar 5min til very pale. Beat in 1/2c olive oil, then 2c milk, 1c cream. Freeze in ice cream maker.
  • SEA URCHIN (UNI) CEVICHE: Plate pieces of uni (from good Asian mkt.). Lots of olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper. Good bread for dipping.
  • BACON DATE BOMBS: Wrap dates in bacon. Pack snugly on cookie sheet, seam down. Roast at 400 til browned, ~ 12 mins. Turn, cook 10 min more.
  • TIRAMISU: Whip 1.5c cream, 2tsp vanilla, 1/3c sugar. Fold in 1lb mascarpone. Layer boozed-sugared-espresso-soaked ladyfingers, cream, cocoa.

Hemingway CookbookAnd Craig is no stranger to cooking. A few years back he also published The Hemingway Cookbook and went on to become a food writer for the Boston Globe and elsewhere.  The cookbook is a culinary bio of Hemingway, featuring more than 120 recipes from his life and writing.

Per Craig,

“I started the book after traveling to Paris and Spain after graduation. It started as a travel guide to The Sun Also Rises and morphed into a cookbook.”

Favorite recipes include:

On a food related note, Craig has been been developing a story about three fictional meetings between Hemingway and another famous foodie, Pablo Neruda (first in Paris in the 20s, then Madrid during the Spanish Civil War and finally on the coast of Chile in the 50s).  Per Craig, “Food, obviously, will play a key role in their tempestuous encounters.”

Penn Foodies

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