His PBS Documentary on California’s Immigration Dilemma Gets You Thinking (VIDEO)

Over this year, I’ve talked on DT about how we’ve been dealing with this economic downturn with tips from some of our alumni.

DocumentaryBut how do you think the economic downturn has affected undocumented farm workers? Documentary filmmaker, producer and director Loren Mendell (C’95, Friars) journeys into this world with writer/reporter Jason Margolis and shows us that many of these undocumented workers are resistant to speaking up out of fear that they will be deported. 

On that note, these undocumented farm workers are often taken advantage of with low pay, long hours and no overtime.  Do you think this is fair or do you think it is a price to pay for being in this country illegally?  Watch Loren’s very interesting short documentary above and decide for yourself!

Speaking of Loren, back in July, I posted about how Loren was nominated for an award for his documentary about shock jock Petey Green.  Loren informed me that he won(!) …thanks in part to all you the DT readers who voted!
More about “California: The Immigration Dilemma” HERE

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