Is Amy Gutmann Encouraging Graduates to Pursue Mediocrity? “Hell No!” (VIDEO)

Amy Gutmann and UPenn
Photo Credit: University Communications

Yesterday, I posted the enthusiastic commencement speech given by Jon Huntsman Jr. at Penn’s 254th graduation ceremonies from this past Monday.

Today, I have Penn President Dr. Amy Gutmann‘s 2010 Commencement Address to share. Again, I encourage everyone to listen to this speech. It’s a great source of inspiration!

After the jump find out why Dr. Gutmann thinks perfection is overrated.

In her speech above, Amy Gutmann:

  • reminds seniors about workdays beginning before 11 am
  • encourages students to let go of trying to be perfect and welcome risk taking.
  • shares her own path to taking risks: From her own teaching experience, instead of over-preparing her perfectly scripted lectures, Dr. Gutmann took a risk of throwing herself full time into teaching and peppering students with provocative questions.
  • encourages students to be bold and courageous and take the chance that you will sometimes stumble.
  • emphasizes the importance of staying connected to your Penn and your Penn friends (shameless plug: join our DT facebook page HERE!)

Drinking game alert!: 

If you watched the video, how many times did you count the use of the words “courage”, “passion” and “bold”?  : )

Check out videos from this year and previous Penn graduations HERE


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