Is “Dating Expert” Penn Alum “Millionaire Matchmaker” material? (VIDEO)

If you saw the season premiere of Bravo’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker” you would have seen a Penn alum vying for a spot for the exclusive Patty Stanger dating mixer.

After the jump, see if Ethan Fixell’s (C’04, Off the Beat) rapping, helped …or harmed his chances with one majorly stuck up girl.

You may be surprised by Patty’s reaction…

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“His name is Ethan and he likes to date.” and at minute 16:15 below, you’re going to hear all about it. : )

Watch below to see if Ethan gets chosen for the master date! …And yes, add this to DT’s list of alumni working the “Dating” scene.

Speaking of Ethan, I’ve covered this comedian before as he and his friend doubledate through North America and now he’s got a new blog called Actual Conversation documenting actual funny conversations he’s had with an assortment of people….from his mother to security guards.  Perhaps this blog will also turn into a TV show and get produced by a Penn alum and picked up by ABC?!

The Dave and Ethan website HERE

Other Penn alumni on Bravo TV shows HERE




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