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Last week a Penn alum randomly emailed me and told me he shared my DT site with one of his friends who graduated in 1995. His friend emailed him back with the following …and I couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful quote:

“I got all misty-eyed looking at the Dueling Tampons site. I mean it gave me sense memory of Penn… of the Walk when it was cold, or being in McNeill with Abiel, or being in German class, or taking 20 extra minutes to get to class because of the crowded Walk, or people that sat in my classes that are now really famous or important… just a great site”
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And then, this past weekend, Joan, another Penn alum, IMed me on facebook with the following:

“Just want to thank you for all you are doing re: DT. You’ve reenergized my feelings toward Penn and now I have a son who plans on applying to Penn”

As I approach year 2 with DT, please continue to let me know about your stories and what new and exciting features you would like me to promote!  Thank you!


“Love you website..! Very fun to read – I cannot believe what alums (that are WAY younger than us) are accomplishing…very cool…!”
-Dorie Clayman (C’96)

“I’m really digging your website. It’s nice to have someone keeping track of all us Quaker over-achievers.”
-Jeff Levin (C’07)

“Thanks for doing your part to unify Penn through Dueling Tampons–it’s already been a great resource, and I’m only an incoming freshman. I am truly looking forward to my next four years at Penn and beyond. Thanks again.”
-Haywood L. Perry III (C’12)

“Hey, I’ll be entering Penn in the Fall as a ’12 student. Just trying to get a feel for the campus before I come and Dueling Tampons seems like it has got a big place on campus.”
-Eric Jacob Maltiel (SEAS’12)

“I love the way you are reaching out to Penn alums and this site…keep up the good work”
-Jennifer Merves Robbins (C’92)

“I just found dueling tampons, and im hooked. i had no idea so many alum do what i want to do when i grow up!”
-Danielle Hannah (C’03)

“Dueling Tampons has an AWESOME reputation on campus here, and I see you and your site everywhere!”
-Matt Amalfitano (C’11)

“Your site’s a great way to keep up with Penn stuff with a laugh. Thanks.”
-David Toturgul (C’99)

“What you do on Dueling Tampons I think really provides many Penn students with inspiration for their future careers, as I know it has done with me.”
-Ryan Townsend (C’08)

“I really like all the Penn stuff, makes me feel at home… I had a good laugh at the name of the website, it only took me a split second to get it!”
-Dan Gutin (C’97)

“Dueling Tampons is an awesome resource. Thanks for representing LA (my hometown!) and the entertainment industry!”
-Joey Volpe (C’09)

“your dueling tampons site rocks”
-Jordan Rockwell (C’00)

“Big fan of the website! I find it a must read!!”
-Troy Majnerick, Penn New Student Orientation Coordinator

“I just want to thank you. I am a cinema studies major at Penn and your site is an amazing creative and networking resource for me. I love it.”
-Dustin Blank (C’09)

“It’s great to see you bringing together the community of Penn alums who took a possibly more interesting route and are doing some really cool things.”
-Tara Todras-Whitehill (C’00, Eng’00)

“This is the kind of value-added, life-giving nectar that Matt spoons out so regularly, and for which I am forever…FOREVER…indebted to him.”
-Adam Hellegers (C’96)

“The Dueling Tampons site is really impressive. I think Penn should just hand the alumni network over to you :)”
-Eric Barker (C’94)

Coming Soon on DT!

  • More Penn Vlogs
  • More with Amazing Race‘s Sarah Leshner (C’98, W’01)
  • A Penn alumni model wearing something you just may want…
  • Get your Business Idea funded!
  • More Advice from Alumni


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"Because of Penntertainment, I got scouted for Nickelodeon. I had such a great time talking with them. I may be a resource for a show on science, travel, geography, gender etc. Thanks for all you do. It really makes a difference."
-Lisa Niver C’89

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