Life after Mask and Wig: Taking their comedy to the web!

So what happens when you graduate from a performing arts group like Mask and Wig and group members want to continue writing and performing together?

Through the years out here in Los Angeles, there’s been a small contingency of Mask and Wiggers that have continued performing sketch comedy. Some, like myself, Todd Lieberman, Norm Golightly and Brian Yanish tried to resurrect working together again in a group called Minus Ten. That lasted for one show and that was that. It was a good try though…

Others have been more persistent and successful with performing sketch comedy.

Take Mask and Wig alumni Gary Lundy (C’05), Spencer Crawford (C’05), Ryan Baber (C’02), Tom Christensen (W’03), Joel Rubin (C’03), and Gabe Laskin (C’05). They have started a group called Danish Rhythm and in addition to a stage show over a year ago, they are now devoted to making original comedic short films. And let me say they’ve got some smart, irreverent comedy, with some unique Mask and Wig flavor (as you’ll see in the Fosse video below).

Click below to check out these great videos:

-Hotel del Monico (NOT safe for work!)


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