Life and Death of Locust Walk: His Declaration of Love (VIDEO)

I enjoyed this class project video that Raphael Langenscheidt (C’10) created which sums up the lifeblood of Penn: Locust Walk.

Per Raphael,

“The idea I had for my movie came to me when I was walking down Locust Walk on a busy day between classes. Whenever you try to get from one class to the next, it seems that Locust is bustling with people, and there is almost no space to walk. However, if you walk down Locust at a time where no class gets out, or on weekends even more so, there is almost nobody there. What I aim to do in my movie is to emphasize how in approximately 30 minutes, Locust walk changes from a beautiful, almost ancient walkway into a scene which is full of life, full of emotion and full of university life, and then back after everyone disappears into the buildings. I think this is a good project because everyone at Penn knows that it takes about 30 minutes for people to start coming out of classes until everyone is back in their classes, therefore we all know what this movie is portraying.”


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