Melissa Rivers Explains Her Apprentice Boardroom Meltdown and References Penn (VIDEO)

If you saw “The Celebrity Apprentice” last week, you would have seen that our alum Melissa Rivers (C’89, Tabard) got fired and caused quite a bit of commotion after being fired.

I actually held off on simply showing a clip of the episode without allowing Melissa the opportunity to defend herself. Fortunately I found this clip from her recent appearance on a popular talk show  …where she did indeed defend herself.

In the clip above, Joan and Melissa Rivers dish why Melissa got so upset. Also, note Melissa’s reference to why her alma mater “the University of Pennsylvania” wouldn’t be proud of her poor “annunciation and punctuation” in regards to calling contestant Annie Duke a “Whore Pit Viper” when she meant to call her a “Whore”. AND a “Pit Viper”.  Watch the clip above to see what I’m talking about.

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One thought on “Melissa Rivers Explains Her Apprentice Boardroom Meltdown and References Penn (VIDEO)

  1. AvatarStephanie Grayson

    Re: Melissa’s articulation during this episode of Apprentice, this speech and language expert says let’s give her a pass. There are very few people who can maintain excellent pronunciation during emotional events!
    -Stephanie Grayson of and (Penn alum- Class of ’92)

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