Nights He Wishes He Could F*?#$ Remember

A couple of weeks ago I posted freshman Kevin Shapiro’s (C’12) first Vlog. If you remember he had great enthusiasm for Penn which is typical of any freshmen who just started Penn.

In his second vlog, his enthusiasm continues and he talks about:

  • Starting classes
  • His venture to meet new people
  • Best things and worst things he brought to Penn and the item he didn’t have to bring at all
  • What’s free for the first time at Penn to freshmen like him
  • Kevin continues and hilariously can’t remember some of the nights he’s had thus far!
Kevin also talks about the promise he made in his first vlog about waking up early to jog through campus –because his first class starts at 11. Has he kept his promise? Click below to find out!

Watch Kevin’s Vlog #2 here

By the way, is it me or is his roommate in the background getting pissed?

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