Now and Then Thursdays: Accepted into Penn (Video!)

This week Steven Vaughn-Lewis (C’12) just got his acceptance letter into Penn and he filmed it!

Alumni and undergrads chime in on why they chose Penn. Read their responses here!

Watch a group of Penn 2012 (new) admits check out (and hope for eventually living in) the Quad during “Penn Previews”

The “envelope opening” video above reminds me of when I got my acceptance letter back in 1992 (see my actual letter below and be sure to zoom in).

I remember getting my acceptance letter for both Penn and Cornell in the same day. I was so excited, and such a dork, that I remember wearing a Penn sweatshirt the next day to high school with my Cornell sweatpants. While I was proud of these acceptances, I cringe at how I decided to showcase this to the world.

Of course it was that day when I officially adhered my “University of Pennsylvania” sticker to my car’s windshield. (…Come on, we all did this didn’t we? 🙂 Comment below!)

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2 thoughts on “Now and Then Thursdays: Accepted into Penn (Video!)

  1. AvatarAnonymous

    Hi Matt

    I am actually in the same dilemma you were in – I too was accepted to UPenn and Cornell. Although I’m almost positive I will attend Penn, would you mind sharing some of the reasons why you chose Penn?


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