Now and Then Thursdays: My 1994 Mask and Wig video

Back in September I saw a great video of a classic sketch that Mask and Wig did from their 2007 Free Show. It was especially fun to see how that sketch had evolved from when we did it in my day.

Having been in Mask and Wig as an undergrad and having seen the shows since, I can say that the “evolution” of a sketch has always been a way for each class to have fun with the bit and claim it as their own.


As part of my new weekly Now and Then Thursdays series, I decided this week to take a trip down my “Mask and Wig” memory lane and compare via video(!) the same skit done in 2007 as I(!) did in 1994.

“Wingin’ It” 2007

“Wingin’ It” 1994

(that is me on the left in the suspenders ..I guess they must have been trendy at the time)
Featuring: Matt Rosler (C’96), Brian Yanish (C’95), Dan Zola (C’95), Doug Lipton (C’95), Todd Lieberman (C’95), Rich Carvajal (C’95), Mark Milstein (C’97), Jeff Klein (C’97), Ross Levitt (C’97)


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One thought on “Now and Then Thursdays: My 1994 Mask and Wig video”

  1. Clay McMikey says:

    Oh boy. At the risk of sounding like a dithering OF, the 2007 version of “Winging It” is a complete embarrassment. They butchered the music, the lyrics, and the staging of this classic bit. Authors Myer and Young would be rolling over in their graves, which they’re not, because thankfully, they’re still very alive. Dropping the f-bomb at the top of the song? Ah c’mon, kids, do you have to for the cheap vulgarity laugh? (didn’t get much of a laugh, did you? Lesson Learned #1) This piece is above that. I’ve seen similar treatment of “Tuition” by this current crew of M&W-ers. There’s no subtlety, no timing whatsoever. They just stomp stomp stomp, yell yell yell and think that’s comedy. (There – I just gave them their catchphrase for the year)

    Now you 1994 guys, you did a little better. Not perfect, but better. Here, have a cookie.

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