Now and Then Thursdays: My Rejected Ivy Stone Design

UPenn 1996 Ivy Stone
UPenn 2008 Ivy StoneThis past weekend, the class of 2008 celebrated “Ivy Day” and unveiled the annual ivy stone (designed by college seniors Clara Bracke and Alexandra Lapinsky) at the northeast corner of 37th & Locust Walk

Recently, I went to visit my parent’s home in NY and looked at all the “stuff” I dumped there after I graduated from college. There I found a scroll of a design I entered for my Class of 1996’s Ivy Stone design competition.

UPenn EniacAt the time, since Penn was celebrating it’s 50th anniversary of the development of ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer …aka the world’s first computer), I decided my design would incorporate the computer chip.

While I thought my design (above) was good, it apparently wasn’t good enough 🙂 Or as I like to think of it, perhaps too complicated to create. The image to the right was the actual ivy stone selected which now lives behind Houston Hall.

All Ivy Stones (1873-2004) here!

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