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Penn’s Snowcovered Locust Walk

Winter Snowfall Originally uploaded by The Wharton School. Hey alumni, remember walking down Locust Walk in these horrible weather conditions? For those of you …

DT Celebrates 1,000 Posts!:  My Video Tour Through Penn

Woo hoo!  This is DT’s 1,000th post! In honor of this post, I thought I’d post a special treat to all my alumni readers across the world who …

They Brought a Popular Video Game to Life On Locust Walk! (MUST-SEE VIDEO)

Of all the crazy things those wacky undergrads do on Locust Walk, this one takes the cake.  …And whatever grocery items these guys are able to fit into …

These Penn Sorority Girls Are Helping to “Kill the Chill” (VIDEO)

This week Penn’s Greeks are uniting for a good cause. UPenn’s Panhellenic Chapter of Operation Warm will host “Kill the Chill” Week to …

ESPN Loves The UPenn Glee Club Dedication Song to the Phillies …And So Will You (VIDEO)

While I’m not a huge sports fan, as a Penn alum I can’t help but get excited for the Phillies being in the World Series (and winning last night). …

Places On Campus I’m Ashamed To Say I’ve Never Been (VIDEOS)

More summer cleaning to do for my “Delicious Leftovers” week with the following 2 videos I’ve been hanging onto for quite some time now. …

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"Because of Penntertainment, I got scouted for Nickelodeon. I had such a great time talking with them. I may be a resource for a show on science, travel, geography, gender etc. Thanks for all you do. It really makes a difference."
-Lisa Niver C’89

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