Penn Alum is Blowin Up in Hollywood

UPenn and Starter Actress and Jess Garvey

The news from “Glee” is not getting our starter actress Jess Garvey (C’09) down.

Jess has already shot “Blowin Up”, a TV pilot described as “Entourage” meets “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” that is being shopped around for development season.

Her role: “Camilla- bubbly, positive and spoiled. Sincere in her convictions which are usually 95% retarded. Makes her lovable. Seeks guidance from best friend Morgan”.   Jess actually got the role in large part because of the Starter Actress reality series; per Jess, “the pilot is like my series but in scripted form”!

After the jump, check out fun behind-the-scenes video from the pilot and look out for the bucket of fake blood poured all over Jess!

Per Jess,

1) Synopsis of show:

>”Two girls, Camilla and Morgan, try everything and anything to become famous in Hollywood after Camilla’s parents cut her and her best friend Morgan off financially. They decide that the easiest way to make money in LA is for Camilla to become an actress and Morgan to become her manager. The hitch? They don’t know a goddamn thing about the entertainment industry and always self sabotage their grand schemes. 95% retarded and always hilarious!”

2) What to look out for in her video below:

“I was able to snag some footage from the independent TV Pilot I shot  a couple weeks ago! My favorite clip is when I get a bucket of fake blood poured on me! Alllll over my eyes, in my hair, in my armpits. You get it! And your gonna love it! I also got some interviews with the director, writer, DP and co-stars. See what they say about yours truly!”

Feels like there are some similarities between this show and THIS other Penn alum’s new CBS show.

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