Penn Alumni You Should Know About: Vol. 20


Blair Soden (C’06) is currently behind a new Formula 1 show on NBC Sports. For those not in the know, Formula 1 is like the less redneck NASCAR. Check out “Off The Grid” on Sundays at 9:30pm and catch up with the clip below!


Elizabeth Banks (C’96) isn’t only participating in Magic Mike XXL in her near future…the starlet is also about to start producing and directing a new series for ABC called The Greater Good. The show is a single-cam funny X-Files-esque show and we can’t wait to see it!


Did you catch alum Irene Park in a recent episode of “Sex Sent Me To The ER”? Spoiler alert: Sex didn’t send her to the ER, but she plays a pretty classy doctor. If you missed it, check out the clip below!



Next up: Alumni news in Comedy, Theater, Music & Digital!

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