Penn Alumni pair go “All In” on Facebook  

UPenn and Las Vegas and Facebook games and Seth Gerson and Gregory Milken
(l to r): Greg Milken (C’95) and Seth Gerson (C’95)

Time to add another tale to the 60+ DT stories about Penn alumni working together

Years after being Penn freshmen roommates in the Quad and then later as housemates on Chancellor Street, Seth Gerson (C’95, ZBT) and Gregory Milken (C’95) formed a technology gaming company with a hot facebook game you’ll want to check out done in conjuntion with a popular Las Vegas hotel!

More about their game and very Penn-centric company after the jump!

Seth and Greg’s company, AltEgo recently launched a great facebook game with Las Vegas’ Golden Nugget hotel.

Now available on Facebook, the game has players building their own Vegas casinos out of many popular table games, including Blackjack, Video Poker and Roulette. As they earn money from maintaining and growing their casino floor, players can add a unique style to their casino with their own customized layout of furniture and decorations. When they’re feeling lucky, players can then visit their Facebook friends’ casinos and level up their avatar by playing games to increase their stacks.

Play the game HERE

How did Seth and Greg get their start?

With Seth’s 10+ years of experience in technology development and highly 
successful entrepreneurial ventures (co founded, a  sophisticated CRM advergaming 
platforms for globally relevant brands including Ford, Daimler Chrysler and Honda) and Greg’s expertise in business development and strategy work for entertainment (FOX, Warner Brothers) and education (Knowledge Universe Education) the two paired up.

Per Seth,

“I was at Gregory’s house, and he asked me about Last Legion Games (recently renamed to AltEgo).  I told him about the technology.  Gregory said, “I want to invest.”  I tried to talk him out of it, because we had been friends for so long, and I told him that we could end up not speaking.  He said that if I did not let him invest, he would never speak to me again.  There was not much I could say to that.  Aside from investing, Gregory said that he wanted to be operationally involved immediately, and he is the COO here.  We now run the business together.”

Together, Seth and Greg launched the first cloud-based iPhone MMO game, Watchmen: Justice is Coming, in conjunction with Warner Brothers, and have additionally released other successful games: “Head Shoulder Knees and Toes”, “My Name”, “Pet Sematary”, “Squasth the $treet”, and “Polyghost”

And there’s another Penn connection here… Seth and Greg’s fellow college Chancellor Street housemate Doug Lipton (W’95, Mask and Wig) joined also as an investor.

Next up for them:  allowing users to take one avatar into any game on any platform. Their AltEgo technology is currently featured in Golden Nugget Vegas Casino game and
 a Software Development Kit (SDK) will be available for game developers next month.
Vegas (180x150)

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