Penn Undergrads You Should Know About Vol. 3

Daniel Lipsman (C’15, W’15) hails from Philadelphia (by way of Kishinev, Moldova) and is studying Russian and Management. Dan is a board member of the Undergraduate Media and Entertainment club and serves as the Co-Chair for the club’s annual Penn Media and Entertainment Week. This summer he is the Film and Development Intern at Allison Shearmur Productions.

Why Allison Shearmur?: It presented an amazing opportunity to work in creative development with a high profile producer at a small, entrepreneurial company.

Take Us Through A Normal Day: I start by going through the relevant sources for trending material that could be translated to film. I create a list of those and then get a script/novel/non-fiction from my supervisor. I read through it in a few hours and write coverage on it (plot summary and comments) to assess the content’s viability. I read A LOT. I usually finish the coverage before the end of the day and start with another script that I’ll finish the next time.

What’s Your Favorite Part?: Being right there as all of these creative decisions are being made about projects that I’ll see on the big screen or TV in a few years.



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"Because of Penntertainment, I got scouted for Nickelodeon. I had such a great time talking with them. I may be a resource for a show on science, travel, geography, gender etc. Thanks for all you do. It really makes a difference."
-Lisa Niver C’89

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