Penn Undergrads You Should Know About Vol. 5

Noah Silver (C’18)
College 2018
Take a look at Noah Silver’s IMDB page, and you will see that he has had an extensive acting career. Beginning at the age of 14, Noah worked in commercials and modeling. A director, who noticed his talent, referred him to an acting agent and suggested that he begin a career in films. His first audition took place over Skype. While the director watched in Israel, Noah and his father performed a scene in his mother’s office. Through his work in this film, he was noticed by a big LA casting director and that made all of the difference. Although he graduated from high school at 16, Noah took 3 gap years before studying at Penn.

While it has been a challenge to balance both school and his acting career, Noah places high value on his education here. Acting has allowed him to live in many different locations and meet people from all over the world. Every time he sees a great performance, he is inspired to continue his work. He loves the feeling of losing himself in a role, to the point where even he is surprised by the course of a scene.

Through it all, he considers going to Sundance with a movie Jamie Marks is Dead as one of the coolest moments thus far. In his own words, “filming that movie was the most artistically fulfilling experience I have had so far. There was nothing fancy about the shoot. The conditions were miserable, but it was all about the work and creating something special.” Noah felt that sharing this film at a place like Sundance, that truly respects and celebrates filmmaking, was an incredible feeling. For him, Independent filmmaking has proven to be the most exciting. Some of his favorite films include Fight Club, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, It’s a Wonderful Life, and A Good Year. As for television, Noah loves the The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and True Detective.

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