Chef Bobby Flay Thinks She Should Have Her Own Show

Recently Jordan Zucker (C’97, Theta) appeared alongside Chef Bobby Flay in the entire half hour “Rib-Eye Episode” of “Grill It! with …

She Got Hot in the Kitchen with Bobby Flay

Jordan Zucker and Bobby Flay on set Turns out Jordan Zucker (C’97) isn’t only commissioner of an all girls fantasy football league, she’s …

Her Fantasy Football League Was Featured Again on TV This Weekend!

A few months ago, Jordan Zucker’s (C’97, Kappa Alpha Theta, captain of UPenn Equestrian team, Stimulus Children’s Theater) all female fantasy …

Touchdown for David Isser’s “Gameday”

In light of this weekend’s Superbowl, I have a special treat for all of you. Filmmaker David Isser (C’01) has gone from documentaries to now …

Penn in Pictures ’08 VIDEO: ER’s Medical Consultant Zach Lutsky (C’97)

Yesterday, I posted video of TV writer (and Penn in Pictures’) host Lew Schneider (C’83) talking about his beginnings in Hollywood. Today, I …

Penn in Pictures ’08: The Event Videos You’ll Want to See

(l to r): Lew Schneider (C’83), event producer Reg Tigerman (C’07), Zach Lutsky (C’97),  Sherri Cooper Landsman (C’94) and Jason …

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