Penn Alumni You Should Know About Vol. 21

Welcome back to the wonderful world of Penn Alumni You Should Know About, where we feature the eye-popping, mind-blowing exploits of Penn Alumni in the …

Penn Alumni You Should Know About Vol. 18

Hello, alum, grads, undergrads, and Penn enthusiasts!  We’re back with a hot new edition of what our favorite entertainment alumni have been up to.  So …

Mimes, models and circus freaks: His new music video

As I eagerly wait for Gabriel Mann (C’95, Off the Beat) and The Rescues’ 2nd full length album (being recorded this summer), I have been …

Did you hear Gabriel Mann sing THIS popular song on “Modern Family”?

After years of listening to Gabriel Mann, I can honestly say that my ear has been GabrielMannified. I had a recent episode (“Dance, Dance, …

You must listen to Gabriel Mann covering Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” (VIRAL VIDEO)

While THIS song continues to be my #1 favorite Gabriel Mann (C’95, Off the Beat) song, Gabe and his band “The Rescues” just covered another …

I LOVE this new Gabriel Mann song and you will too…(VIDEO)

Video credit: Dave DeSantos (The Rescues @ Culture Works in Ashland, OR) A new Gabriel Mann (C’95, Off the Beat) song is rapidly becoming a favorite of …

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