What Penn’s Homecoming looked like in 1967 (video)

Here’s another blast from the past from someone who took a film during Penn’s 1967 homecoming. This audio challenged piece shows some students …

This Penn Club Got Lit Up During Homecoming! (VIDEO)

“Congrats to Penn Club of Philly” in PECO lights! A nice note to congratulate the Penn Club of Philadelphia for winning the Alumni Club Award of …

They’ve Got Spirit, Oh Yes They Do! (HOMECOMING VIDEO)

Right before Hollywood came to Penn for Homecoming this past weekend, the Penn Band got their pregame show on at the the Penn-Princeton Homecoming Game. In …

Husband-Wife Producing Team Talk Movies: She’s With Leno, He With Penn (PHOTOS + VIDEOS)

(l ot r): Max Handelman and Todd Lieberman Photo by Kendall Whitehouse (C’79) While producers Todd Lieberman (C’95, Mask and Wig, AEPi) and Max …

Cheerleaders, Oversized Batons, Men in dresses and Laser Beams! (Videos)

Missed Homecoming 2007? was there (thanks to Kiera Reilly C’93) to bring you some of the highlights! UPenn Cheerleaders doing pushups! …

Mask and Wig takes on the RIAA!

More homecoming videos are making their way to Penntertainment! This set of videos come from this year’s Mask and Wig fall show “Phallus in …

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