“That’s a nice name tag”: The freshman get to know one another

“Oh, which part of Long Island are you from?”

These are the types of questions that will be buzzing around campus this week.

So I found this improv-type video online for the freshman’s “NSO” (New Student Orientation)…which led me to think back to my own experiences as a freshman and two tips (for better or worse) which I may be able to impart to the class of 2011 for this week of “integration”.


>When I went to school in the mid 90’s, apparently I was one of a few who had a hologram of a “P” on my Penn card. I asked others whose name I had forgotten if I could see their Penn card to see if they too had that crazy P hologram on their card. Soon enough I remembered “Stacy”s name.

>When I rushed, I brought my friend Lauren to some of the earlier events and had her introduce herself first to the brothers. Once the brothers then mentioned their name to her, I suddenly remembered “Jon” and “Jason’s” names.

Again, these are for better or worse.

Okay, worse.

What were some of your stories for getting to know people during that first freshman week? Click to comment below!

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One thought on ““That’s a nice name tag”: The freshman get to know one another

  1. AvatarAnonymous

    the worst part about forgetting the names is when they give you their number. “how do you spell your name again?”. its joe. j-o-e. “oh yea, right”.

    i resorted to an easy nickname for myself and everyone seems to remember that easier.

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