The Remaining 21 Videos of Advice From our Hollywood Penn Panel

(l to r): Lew Schneider (C’83), event producer Reg Tigerman (C’07), Zach Lutsky (C’97),
Sherri Cooper Landsman (C’94) and Jason Resnick (C’92)

Back in February, I dissertation examples for events management third grade essay thesis topics spa delhi quanto custa um cialis how many words is an undergraduate thesis source source source link essay on primary and secondary education basic outline format for research paper viagra peru venta college essay sample writing enter compassion essay centro medico polispecialistico la torre torino do people snort viagra men's health forum viagra credit underwriter resume the best college application essay ever written extended definition essay topics cheap zithromax online paper writer services plan de dissertation sur la loi et la coutume source url levitra 20 mm essay or term paper here 10 tips to write a resume posted a whole bunch of videos from our LA Penn in Pictures 2008 panel including Jason Resnick (C’92) (Universal acquisitions), Sherri Cooper Landsman (C’94) (Brothers and Sisters Writer), Zach Lutsky (C’97) (ER Medical Consultant) and moderator Lew Schneider (C’83)(Everybody Loves Raymond, New Adventures of Old Christine).

In that series, I posted about 4 videos from the Q&A session with the audience and the panel.

…However, I never got around to posting the remaining 21 videos from that QA that I’m sure you’re all find very interesting.

Continue reading to (finally) watch the remaining videos and a quick guide to all the videos in the series…

The remaining Q&A videos:

  • QA5 – Who has gone on from a Penn performing group to the entertainment business? (Lew)
  • QA6 – What’s the best way to break into scripted television? (Sherri)
  • QA7 – What is the reality behind the stories on medical dramas? (Zach)
  • QA8 – What do you look for when selecting a film for distribution? (Jason)
  • QA9 – What is the state of documentaries? (Jason)
  • QA10 – Can you put me in touch with actresses on your show? (Sherri, Lew, Zach)
  • QA11 – Why are distribution costs so high? (Jason)
  • QA12 – How do you choose the actors for their roles? (Sherri)
  • QA13 – Are you developing any pilots right now? (Sherri)
  • QA14 – Do you pay attention to production design when choosing a film? (Jason)
  • QA15 – How did you get your first game show hosting job? (Lew)
  • QA16 – Will the studios go back to making musicals? (Jason)
  • QA17 – Were there any moments at Penn that led you to your career now? (All)
  • QA18 – What is the future for multicamera comedies? (Lew)
  • QA19 – What do you think of content being redistributed online? (Lew, Sherri)
  • QA20 – What was the inspiration behind Everybody Loves Raymond? (Lew)
  • QA21 – Would the writers be behind a new online distribution plan? (Lew)
  • QA22 – Do you expect a SAG strike? (Sherri, Lew)
  • QA23 – Do you notice trends in film? (Jason)
  • QA24 – If you had to do it all over, what would you do differently? (All)
  • QA25 – Is there a future for art house films? (Jason)

And if you missed it, I’ve also included the videos I already published from the event which include:

  • Lew Schneider speaks
  • Sherri Cooper Landsman (1/2)
  • Sherri Cooper Landsman (2/2)
  • Zach Lustky (1/2)
  • Zach Lustky (2/2)
  • Jason Resnick (1/2)
  • Jason Resnick (2/2)
  • QA1 – Can someone give me a job? (All)
  • QA2 – What makes a good pitch? (All)
  • QA3 – Why was your spec script successful? (Sherri)
  • QA4 – Where does Sherri get ideas for stories? (Sherri)

A special thanks to editor David Chalfin (C’96), a fantastic editor living in Los Angeles who recorded and edited all the Penn in Pictures videos. Check out his reel here!

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Photos from past Penn in Pictures events HERE!

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