This Film Producer is Now a Web Entrepreneur

Quick Film Budget

Adam Lebovitz (W’03, Hillel, Smokes Quizzo) and his brother launched a new website which is a revolutionary breakthrough for filmmakers in film budgeting technology.

How and why did Adam come up with this?

Per Adam,

“We thought of this idea during the worst part of the recession where my brother and I looked at each other and asked, ‘There must be something out there that we can make faster and better?’  I remembered how tough it was to learn the film budgeting software Entertainment Partners Budgeting and afterwards filmmakers would hire me to create budgets.  Professional budget makers often charge at least $1,000.00 per budget and take a month to deliver.  So my brother and I set out to create a budgeting website that asks several specific questions, like ‘What is your desired total budget?  What genre is your film? Are there child actors in your film?’ and automatically creates a professional film budget customized to your script/project.”

It was a combination of Adam’s experience producing films (Tortured starring Laurence Fishburne released by Sony, Unrest released by Lions Gate) and his understanding of mathematics and computers that allowed him to create the website.

Incidentally, you may recall the post I did last year about Adam optioning Craig Boreth’s (C’91, First male drummer in Bloomers pit band) book, “How To Feel Manly In A Minivan“. Since then he has set it up at Red Wagon and is looking for a TV writer to develop it.

Visit Adam’s site Quick Film Budget


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