This Penn Alum Wants To Be Oprah’s Next TV Star..and She Just Might Do It (VIDEO)

Jordan Zucker and Oprah Winfrey

Jordan Zucker and Oprah WinfreyAfter her appearances on “Scrubs” and Bobby Flay’s “Grill It” show, Jordan Zucker (C’97, Theta) is clearly comfortable on camera!

Find out about this Penn alum’s latest endeavor as she vies for your vote to get her own show with Oprah…

In her video HERE, Jordan pitches Mark Burnett and Oprah the followig for a new contest where someone can get their own show for Oprah’s new TV network:

“Game On! with Jordan Zucker, a sports related cooking show.  Meet Jordan Zucker, founder of Girls Guide to Fantasy Football. She is here to make a sports show for women, through cooking.”

I think Jordan’s concept is awesome and she certainly has a great TV personality!  What do you think?

Vote for Jordan HERE (contest ends June 26)

Another Penn alum who worked with Oprah HERE

Another Penn Sports Alum Vlogger HERE

More Penn foodies HERE



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