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UPenn, Hollywood, Lindsey Rosin, Showbizzle.comWhat happens when you graduate from Penn, have a hot TV spec that catches the attention of ABC, ..and then the writer’s strike happens?!

You partner with your successful Hollywood father to create an entertaining and informative website for other creative types to join and network on.

Lindsey Rosin (C’07, The Excelano Project, The Writers House, Kappa Alpha Theta) has joined forces with her father Charles Rosin (Executive Producer of Beverly Hills 90210 for the first five seasons) to create , a new form of internet entertainment that combines daily updates of original, scripted video content with a social network aimed at emerging actors, writers, directors, fans of the biz – basically anyone with a computer who is looking for some fun entertainment.

UPenn, Hollywood,
Other Penn alumni friends have worked with Lindsey on showbizzle; Gabe Laskin (C’05, Mask and Wig) and Spencer Crawford (W’05, Mask and Wig), both have appeared as actors on the site (Gabe even has one of the three leads). Joey Power (C’06), Stacey Lloyd (C’06), Reg Tigerman (C’07, Mask and Wig) and Jonah Platt (C’08, Off the Beat) all wrote different characters for showbizzle as well.

Per Lindsey,

“The website serves as the daily blog of our fictitious blogger and main character, Janey. She hangs out at her favorite coffee place listening to old friends and new acquaintances, from all strata of Hollywood, confide intimate details about their career ambitions; creative aspirations, pipe dreams, hook ups, romantic liaisons, embarrassing day jobs, galvanizing moments, personal quests, major revelations, unexpected characters and narrative twists – you know, the basic personal and professional stuff that typifies what it’s like to be young and in Los Angeles in 2008.”

Lindsey sums up the site in 4 points:…+/-

1) Entertainment: it is a social entertainment website that streams scripted two-minute vignettes – updated on a daily basis – these vignettes are centered around the lives of twenty-somethings as they live and work in Hollywood.

2) Community: By joining our site, users can create their own profiles and submit their own videos and blog entries to tell their own stories – as well as comment on our scripted entertainment content, which will influence future story lines.

3) Insider information: Ever wonder what it really takes to make it in Hollywood? showbizzle also offers career advice and insider info via video-taped conversations between showbizzle writer/executive producer Charles Rosin and various Hollywood types. The one thing we can assure you about the 170 videos we will be posting on the showbizzle website this fall is that each vignette feels authentic and different from virtually everything else you can currently find on the world wide web.

4) In addition users will be encouraged to send in videos and blog entries and allow the community to determine their favorites. The winners will then be brought to Hollywood and be involved with the professional production of showbizzle when we go back into production in early 2009,” Charles said.  Lindsey adds, “For some people, it might be an incredible opportunity and a big break — the amount of exposure available on the internet is endless and that is so priceless to a young talent who is just starting out on their career and trying to break through.”

UPennFind out how Lindsey got her start as a writer, & what she wrote at Penn which led to her selling a pilot pitch idea to ABC.

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