Top 10 Time Wasting, Yet Entertaining On-Campus Videos


Students through time have engaged in all sorts of entertainment on campus to amuse themselves (and us!) to avoid doing work …or at least to make work more bearable!

Below I list the top 10 Time Wasting, Yet Entertaining On-Campus Videos ...with a #1 that has to take the cake!

10) Superblock streaking (no video on this one, but take a look anyway 🙂 )

9) Flash Mobs

8) Rippin it up at Penn like you’ve never seen

7) Battling it out on Locust walk

6) The midnight dancers of Harrison College House

5) Pretending to be James Bond in Kings Court

4) Backflipping off the DuelingTampons

3) Dance to “OK Go” for a Class Presentation

2) While back in 2005, these guys used duct tape in a very creative way….

1) It’s THIS number one video below that just came my way which takes THE cake when it comes to duct tape and entertainment!  Enjoy “Taping Girl To Wall”:

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