You’ve never seen a DT Valentine’s Day dedication like this before

Valentine's Day and UPenn and Kojak and Telly Savalas

Over the past 4 years, I’ve dedicated this week to my Valentine’s Day themed series, loaded with lots of Penn alumni and undergrad related stories all having some sort of love themed hook.

Well, to kick off our series this year, I have a very “surreal”, as our alum puts it, treat for you.

After the jump, check out this specially crafted “Telly-Gram” for my readers.   Trust me, just click and watch it.

Yes, that’s a Penn alum singing “the red and the blue” as Telly Savalas, aka “KOJAK”.

That’s one great impression!

So what is this exactly and how can you send one to one of your friends?

Former Penn Quarterback, Tom DiMenna (C’02), an actor living in Los Angeles, performs his “surreal” comic lounge act as Telly Savalas.  DiMenna has also created the critically-acclaimed music video series “The Godfather Musical” (SXSW, Edinburgh), was featured last week on here on Penntertainment for THIS, and is currently underway on feature film projects: “Becoming Telly Savalas” and “The Bologna Warrior,” a sports comedy about his real life experience as a semi-professional quarterback in the Italian-American Football League.

For those of you a bit too young to remember Telly, check out this great clip for reference:

So in addition to his Telly act, it makes sense that Tom is also now running a “Telly-grams” service, delivering flowers and videos (like the one I sent to all of you above), as Telly Savalas:

  • L.A. residents looking for a special Birthday or Valentine’s Day gift idea have found Telly to be the perfect special delivery man.
  • On top of that, DiMenna is also running an e-Telly-gram service, posting “Happy Valentine’s Day” videos with his signature, dramatic style to unsuspecting recipients on Facebook.

So go ahead, roll the dice, share the love, and let Tom, er, “Telly” do the rest.

Visit Tom’s website HERE for more info!

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