Best of 2010: My “Top 21” Penn Posts


As we come to the close of 2010 and the celebration of DT’s 4th birthday, I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate this past year with my top 21 posts (yes, another year I managed to arrive at 21 posts and couldn’t seem to get it down to 20).

If I were to sum up this year, I would say there is now a legitimate Hollywood Penn alumni force to be reckoned with.  Further, in 2010, I saw that more and more alumni are taking their careers into their own hands, making career changes and taking chances becoming authors, filmmakers, actors, Producers, and overall entrepreneurs.   I hope these stories have been as inspiring for you as they have been for me.

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Enjoy these 2010 “top 21” DT favorites of mine:

21) Celebrity spawn attend Penn

20) A tour through Penn that will wow you and this super cool interactive Penn tour here

19) Been a busy, successful year for this perpetually single Penn comic

18) This Penn alum directed a groundbreaking episode of TV

17) Spring Flinging – when you gotta go, you gotta go!

16) Our Hollywood Dr. Teaches Dr. Oz and us how to save a life (video)

15) You’ve never seen any building built at Penn quite as fast as this one (time-lapse video)

14) Remember our Penn in Cannes early coverage of a film that is currently a 2011 Golden Globes contender?

13) Penn alum’s new book has you looking into the future

12) How Saving Her Childhood Book Reports Helped THIS Film Producer Get a Movie Greenlit

11) This Penn alum team keep cranking out great NSFW Viral hits (Video)

10) This Penn alum musician’s got Hollywood’s attention and reminds me of the cartoon JEM

9) Talented Penn alum wins reality competition

8) Who knew?!: Penn alum invented my favorite snackfood (and probably yours too!)

7) Ten years ago Elizabeth Banks appeared in THIS commercial

6) Penn alum writes hot new Spiderman Broadway show and it looks awesome!

5) See what accomplishments a year makes (in our exclusive DT series) for our Penn young alum Austin musicians and LA actor pursuing their respective careers

4) 7 Things You Should Know about Walking on Locust Walk

3) Penn alum wrote this 2010 comedy hit and another Penn alum helped produce it (and it’s awesome)

2) The best Penn promotional video I’ve ever seen

After the jump find out my #1 post!

1) What a year it’s been for Vanessa Bayer (C’04, Bloomers), our Penn alum SNL star.  THIS is my favorite sketch of hers and my #1 post.

Did you have a favorite post I didn’t cover?  Comment below!

Have a happy and healthy new year everyone!

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