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11 Penn alumni performances you need to check out

Last week Los Angeles Penn alumni gathered in Hollywood to celebrate some great emerging Penn talent. The night was filled with some dirty good comedy from host DJ Lubel (C’05) and great original music, improv, inspiring monologues, some over the top characters, a belting rendition of The National Anthem, and of course, a must-see musical(!) […]

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If you’re in LA, you need to come to this popular Penn event on Wednesday (9/21)!

If you live in LA, you need to be at this Wednesday’s big Penn event where alumni will be performing at “Penn Live” (a spin off to our past Pennfest annual event!) After the jump, get the details on who is performing and how you can get ticket! The event will actually join forces with […]

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Penn Researchers cure cancer?

Over the years on DT, I’ve covered some great stories about research coming out of Penn, but this one takes the cake. Penn researchers led by gene therapy expert  Dr. Carl June, found a new way for treating leukemia by “turning the patients’ own blood cells into assassins that hunt and destroy their cancer cells.” More about […]

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“Penn Live”: Perform at this popular LA Penn event!

As you may recall, for 6 years here in LA and one year in NY, I had created a Penn “emerging talent” Pennfest event showcasing the work of Penn filmmakers and musicians. I am now happy to report that Pennfest has evolved.  The event will now be split up into a performance-themed night and a […]

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Out of 216 people, this Penn alum is the winner

A couple of weeks ago, we covered the brilliant musical mind of Tom Christensen (W’03, Mask and Wig) as he competed in a national musical improv competition. After a total of 216 improvisors entered into the Improv tournament, Tom, on behalf of “North Dakota” (the only one-man team) won four heated battles and then the […]

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What Faye Dunaway told this Penn undergrad at the Cannes Film Festival

Over the past three years (2008 coverage and 2009 coverage and 2010 coverage) DT has given you an insider’s look at the films and politics of the Cannes Film festival from the perspective of our Penn in Cannes program correspondents. This year DT correspondent Jonah Stern (C’13) recently returned from the 2011 Cannes film festival […]

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