Some Classic Film and TV Actors You Didn’t Know Were Penn Alumni!

When I was an undergrad in Mask and Wig, there were a whole bunch of celebrity alumni whose caricatures were painted on the walls of our clubhouse that we always knew about, but you may not have…

Click here to discover some actors you’ve been watching for years on TV and film that I bet you didn’t know were Penn alumni!

  • Alumni such as the Ned Wertimer (C’49), who played Ralph the doorman in the Jeffersons.  
  • Chip Zien (C’69), an accomplished Broadway actor who also starred as the title character in Howard the Duck and starred in Into the Woods.
  • Another notable Mask and Wig alum is David Naughton (C’73) whom you would recognize from American Werewolf in London (see image above). While David has been doing lots of different projects since, last week a DVD of his came out called Brutal Massacre, “a mocumentary about a “a beleaguered horror director who sets out to make the movie that will put him back on the A list! Unfortunately for him, a quirky crew and penchant for mishaps don’t make anything easier in this hilarious satire of low-budget filmmaking.”  Check out the trailer below!

More Mask and Wig alumni doing cool things!

David Naughton (C’73) in Brutal Massacre
Get Brutal Massacre here! 

David Naughton (C’73) in American Werewolf in London
Get the classic, American Werewolf in London! 

Chip Zien (C’69) in Howard the Duck
Get Howard the Duck

Chip Zien (C’69) in Into The Woods (he’s in the green cap):
Get Into The Woods

Ned Wertimer (C’49) as Ralph the doorman in The Jeffersons


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