Penn Producer Turning Penn Writer’s Book Into a Movie!

Another story of Penn alumni working together in Hollywood.

Thanks to a popular Penn publication, Adam Lebovitz (W’03) has now optioned Craig Boreth’s (C’91, First male drummer in Bloomers pit band) (pictured below) book, “How To Feel Manly In A Minivan”.

Craig’s book is a survival guide for new dads, helping each guy facing fatherhood to make the transition with his masculinity, sanity and lower back intact. It’s not really a parenting guide, but more a guide to fatherly self-preservation, covering such subjects as:

  • How to have sex for procreation
  • How to remain conscious during delivery
  • How to see your wife as a MILF
  • How to Get That #%&%$ Song Out of Your Head

Per Adam (pictured right), his story on how he found Craig’s book is very much a “feel good” Penn alumni story:

“I actually found the book by reading about it in the Penn Gazette. The title was so funny that I immediately bought a copy and read it. The book was hysterical! Craig Boreth’s writing has such a genuine and fresh voice. Even though the book was written from a guy’s perspective, both men and women can appreciate the humor of finding yourself on the verge parenthood and then all of the comedy of being a parent.

I am in the early stages of development on it. I am exploring both paths of setting it up in television and features. Working on a comedy will be a much different experience than my last project I produced which was a crime thriller called Tortured, starring Laurence Fishburne and Cole Hauser. Sony recently bought it and will be releasing it in September.”

FYI, Adam owns his own production company called “Five Star Pictures” where he is partnered with his brother Nolan Lebovitz.

Click here to read an excerpt from his book…+/-

>Get “How to Feel Manly In A Minivan” here

Find out how Craig got his start and what advice he has for you to get published!
(fyi, this link will pop-up a page will jump to Craig’s section –give it a few seconds)

Before “husbandry”, Craig wrote a book on how wives can turn their husbands into the perfect husband: “How to Iron Your Own Damn Shirt: The Perfect Husband Handbook Featuring Over 50 Foolproof Ways to Win, Woo & Wow Your Wife”

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