Funny Fridays: New Film From Oscar Nominated Pair

Even after 13 years since graduation two Penn filmmakers are still collaborating and doing some high level Hollywood projects together.

In between picketing during the big Writer’s Strike, Rob Pearlstein (C’95, DP) wrote*, directed and acted in a new, very funny short MATUMBO GOLDBERG (Rob is featured far right in movie poster). Along with the film’s producer and fellow classmate Loren Mendell (C’95, Class President, Friars) they produced this short which already has Hollywood buzzing about a potential series and feature.

MATUMBO GOLDBERG is about a trendy, none-too-bright couple who adopts an African baby, only to find their new son isn’t quite what they expected. The film stars Anthony Anderson (The Departed, Transformers, Law & Order) and J. Robin Miller (Andy Barker P.I., General Hospital)



(*fyi, per the Writer’s strike guidelines he was allowed to do this nonpaid video during the strike)

Update: Rob and Loren turned their original Matumbo short into a web series for Comedy Central/, starring Anthony Anderson and Jenna Elfman. More here

Rob’s path to becoming a Hollywood creative force went from starting as a copywriter at an ad agency to becoming a finalist in a HIGHLY reputable contest while Loren’s path had him starting at a big Hollywood talent agency and going onto film school. Then in 2006 they came together to work on a short that was nominated OSCAR (featuring Kevin Pollak and LOST’s “Hurley”)!

Click here to learn more about each of their exciting beginnings!

Catch up:
Watch their Oscar nominated film: OUR TIME IS UP below:


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